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1. M. Dzida, E. Zorębski, M.Zorębski, M. Żarska, M. Geppert-Rybczyńska, M. Chorążewski,

J. Jacquemin, I. Cibulka,

„Speed of Sound and Ultrasound Absorption in Ionic Liquids”

Chemical Reviews , 117, 5, 2017, 3883–3929

IF = 47,928 


2. M. Kapkowski, W. Ambrożkiewicz, T. Siudyga, R. Sitko, J. Szade, J. Klimontko, K. Balin, J. Lelątko, J. Polański

„Nano silica and molybdenum supported Re, Rh, Ru or Ir nanoparticles for selective solvent-free glycerol conversion to cyclic acetals with propanone and butanone under mild conditio”

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 202, 2017, 335-345

IF = 9,446 


3. J. Polański, T. Siudyga, P. Bartczak, M. Kapkowski, W. Ambrożkiewicz, A. Nobis, R. Sitko

J. Klimontko, J. Szade, J. Lelątko

„Oxide passivated Ni-supported Ru nanoparticles in silica: A new catalyst for low-temperature carbon dioxide methanation”

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 206, 2017, 16-23

IF = 9,446 


4. A. Dzienia, P. Maksym, M. Tarnacka, I. Grudzka-Flak, S. Golba, A. Zięba, K. Kamiński, M. Paluch

„High pressure water-initiated ring opening polymerization for the synthesis of well-defined α-hydroxy-ω-(carboxylic acid) polycaprolactones”

Green Chemistry, 19, 2017, 3618-3627

IF = 9,125 


5. J. Orzeł, M. Daszykowski

„Recent trends in the use of liquid fuel taggants and their analysis”

Trends in Analytical Chemistry (TrAC), 87, 2017, 98-111

IF = 8,442 


6. Y. Grosu, M. Mierzwa, V. A. Eroshenko, S. Pawlus, M. Chorążewski, J.M. Nedelec, J.P.E. Grolier

„Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Energy Storage in a Single Working Body: Electrification and Thermal Effects upon Pressure-Induced Water Intrusion–Extrusion in Nanoporous Solids”

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 8, 2017, 7044–7049

IF = 7,504 




1. T. E. Wiley, W. R. Miller, N. A. Miller, R. J. Sension, P. Lodowski, M. Jaworska,
P. M. Kozłowski

„Photostability of hydroxocobalamin: Ultrafast excited state dynamics and computational studies”

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7, 143-147, 2016

IF = 8,539   



2. K. Kocot, K. Pytlakowska, B. Zawisza, R. Sitko

„How to detect metal species preconcentrated by microextraction techniques?”

TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 82 , 412-424, 2016

IF = 7,487 





1. Z. Wojnarowska, K. J. Paluch, E. Shoifet, C. Schick, L. Tajber,J. Knapik,P. Włodarczyk,
K. Grzybowska,S. Hensel-Bielówka, S. P. Verevkin,and M. Paluch

Molecular Origin of Enhanced Proton Conductivity in Anhydrous Ionic Systems

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 2015, 11571164



2. J. Polański, J. Bogocz, A. Tkocz,

Top 100 bestsellingdrugsrepresentan arena struggling for new FDA approvals: drugage as anefficiencyindicator

Drug Discovery Today, 20,11, 2015; 1300-1304

IF= 6,69

3.R. Sitko, P. Janik, B. Zawisza, E. Talik, E. Margui, I. Queralt

Green approch for ultratracedetermination of divalent metal ions and arsenicspeciesusingtotal-reflection X-rayfluorescencespectrometry and mercapto-modifiedgrapheneoxidenanosheets as a novel adsorbent

AnalyticalChemistry, 87, 2015, 3535-3542

Liczba punktów MNiSW: 45

IF = 5.825





B. Machura, M. Wolff, I. Gryca

Rhenium(V) oxocomplexes [ReOX(N-O)2] and [ReOL(N-O)2]- Synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and catalytic properties.

Coordination Chemistry Revuewes, 2014, 275, 154-164

IF: 12,098


E. Margiu, B. Zawisza, R. Sitko

Trace and ultratrace analysis of liquid samples by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2014,53,73-83

IF: 6,612


M. Kapkowski, P. Bartczak, M. Korzec, R. Sitko, J. Szade, K. Balin, J. Lelątko, J.Polański

SiO2-, Cu-, and Ni -  supported Au nanoparticles for selective glycerol oxidation in the liquid phase.

Journal of Catalysis, 2014,319, 110 - 118

IF: 6,073


M. Korzec, P. Bartczak, A. Niemczyk, J. Szade, M. Kapkowski, P. Zenderowska, K. Balin, J. Lelątko,
J. Polański

Bimetalic nano-Pd/PdO/Cu system as a highly effective catalyst for the Sonoghashira reaction.

Journal of catalysis, 2014,313, 1-8

IF: 6,073


R. Sitko, P. Janik, B. Feist, E. Talik, A. Gagor

Suspended aminosilaznized graphene oxide nanosheets for selective preconcentration of lead ions and ultrasensitive determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry.

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2014, 6, 20144 - 20153

IF: 5,900


M.Musiał, S. Kucharski

First principlecalculations of the potential energy curves for electronic states of the lithium dimer

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2014, 10, 1200-1211

IF: 5,310


M. Grucela-Zając, K. Bijak, S. Kula, M. Filapek, M. Wiącek, H. Janeczek, L. Skórka, J. Gąsiorowski, K. Hingerl,
N. S. Sariciftci, N. Nosidlak, G. Lewińska, J. Sanetra, E. Schab-Balcerzak

(Photo)physical properties of new molecular glasses end-capped with thiophene rings composed od diimide and imine units.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, 118, 13070 - 13086

IF: 4,835


J. Palion-Gazda, A. Świtlicka-Olszewska, B. Machura, T. Grancha, E. Padro, F. Lioret, M. Julve

High - temperature spin crossover in a mononuclear six - coordinate cobalt(II) complex

Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53, 10009 - 10011

IF: 4,794


R. Sitko, B. Zawisza, E. Talik, P. Janik, G. Osoba, B. Feist, M. Malicka

Spherical silica particles decorated with graphene oxide nanosheets as a new sorbent in inorganic trace analysis.

Analytica Chimica Acta, 2014, 834, 22 - 29

IF: 4,517


P. Łukasik, A. Martyna, G. Zadora

A likehood ratio model for the determiantion of the geographical origin of olive oil.

Analytica Chimica Acta, 10.1016/j.aca.2014.10.022

IF: 4,387


J. Orzeł, M. Daszykowski, M. Kazura, D. de Beer, E. Joubert, A. E. Schulze, T. Beelders, A. de Villiers, C. J. Malherbe, B. Walczak

Modeling of the total antioxidant capacity of rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) tea infusions from chromatographic fingerprints and identification of potential antioxidant markers.

Journal of Chromatography A, 2014, 1366, 101 - 109

IF: 4,258


P. Filzmoser, B. Walczak

What can go wrong at the data normalization step for identification of biomarkers?

Journal of  Chromatography A, 2014, 1362, 194 - 205

IF: 4,258


M. Chorążewski, A. Grzybowski, M. Paluch

The complex, non - monotonic thermal response of the volumetric space of simple liquids.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16 19900 - 19908

IF: 4,198


P. Lodowski, M. Jaworska, T. Andruniów, B. D. Garabato, P. M. Kozłowski

Mechanism of the S1 excited state internal conversion in vitamin B12.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16, 18675 - 18679

IF: 4,198


B. Machura, I. Grca, J. G. Małecki, F. Alonso, Y. Mogile

p-Tolylimido rhenium(V) complexes - synthesis, X - ray studies, spectroscopic characterization, DFT calculations and catalytic activity.

Dalton Transactions, 2014, 43, 2596 - 2610

IF: 4,089


R. Ramachandran, G. Prakash, S. Selvamurugan, P. Viswanathamurthi, J. G. Małecki, V. Ramkumar

Efficient and versatile catalysis of N-alkylation of heterocyclic amines with alcohols and one-pot sythesis of 2-aryl substituted benzazoles with newly designed ruthenium)II) complexes of PNS thiosemicarbazones.

Dalton Tranactions, 2014, 43, 7889 - 7902

IF: 4,089


I. Gryca, B. Machura, J. G. Małecki, L. S. Shul'pin, A. J. L. Pombeiro, G. B. Shul'pin

New p-tolylimido rhenium(V) complexes with carboxylate - based ligands: synthesis, structures and their catalytic potential in oxidations with peroxides.

Dalton Transactions, 2014, 43, 5759 - 5776

IF: 4,089


P. Data, P. Zassowski, M. Łapkowski, W. Domagała, S. Krompiec, T. Flak, M. Penkala, A. Świst, J. Soloducho, W. Danikiewcz

Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical comparsion of alternated monomers and their copolymers based on carbazole and thiophene derivatives.

Elechtrochemica Acta, 2014, 122, 118 - 129

IF: 4,086


K. Pytlakowska, M. Dabioch, R. Sitko

Indirect determination of dissolved silicate in surface water using energy - dispersive X-ray fluoresence spectrometry.

Analyst, 2014, 139, 3911 - 3917

IF: 3,906


E. Gumienna-Kontecka, M. Pyrkosz-Bulska, A. Szebesczyk, M. Ostrowska

Iron chelating strategies in systemic overload, neurodegeneration and cancer.

Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2014, 3741 - 3767

IF: 3,715


M. Sajewicz, M. Dolnik, T. Kowalska, I.R. Epstein

Condensation dynamics of L-proline and L-hydroxyproline in solution.

RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 7330 - 7339

IF: 3,708


R. Tauler, F. Marini, B. Walczak, L. Buydens, R. G. Brereton, W. Buchberger, P. J. Worsfold

European Analytical Column No. 42, Chemometrics and analytical chemistry.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2014, 406, 3525

IF: 3,660


M. Serda, D.S. Kalinowski, N. Rasko, E Potuckova, A. Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz, R. Musioł, J. G. Małecki, M. Sajewicz,
A. Ratuszna, A. Muchowicz, J. Gołąb, T. Simunek, D.R. Richardson, J. Polański

Exploring the anti-cancer activity of novel thiosemicarbazones generated trough the combination of retro-fragments: dissection of critical structure-activity relationships.

Plos One, 2014, 9, e110291

IF: 3,534


A. Martyna, G. Zadora, I. Stanimirova, D. Ramos

Wine autenticity verification as a forensic problem. An application of likehood ratio test to label verification.

Food Chemistry, 2014, 150, 287 - 295

IF: 3,334


B. Feist, B. Mikuła

Preconcentration of heavy metals on activated carbon and their determiantion on fruits by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry.

Food Chemistry, 2014, 14-, 302 - 306

IF: 3,334


B. Feist, B. Mikuła

Preconcentration of some metal ions with lanthanum - 8 - hydroxyquinoline co-ptecipitation system.

Food Chemistry, 2014, 147, 225 - 229

IF: 3,334


B. Szpikowska-Sroka, L. Żur, R. Czoik, T. Goryczka, M. Żądło, W.A. Pisarski

Ultraviolet-to-visible downconversion luminescence in solgel oxyfluoride glass ceramics containing Eu3+:GdF3 nanocystals.

Optics Letters, 2014, 39, 3181 - 3184

IF: 3,179




M. Paluch, Z. Wojnarowska, S. Hensel-Bielówka

Heterogeneous Dynamics of Prototypical Ionic Glass CKN Monitored by Physical Aging.

Physical  Review Letters, 110, 015702, 2013

IF:  7,943



R. Sitko, B. Zawisza, E. Malicka

Graphene as a new sorbent in analytical chemistry.

TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry,51, 33-43, 2013

IF: 6,351



C.E. West, A.G. Scarlett, A.Tonkin, D. O'Carroll-Fitzpatrick, 
J. Pureveen, E. Tegelaar, R. Gieleciak, D. Hager, K. Petersen, K. E. Tollefsen, S. J. Rowland

Diaromatic sulphur-containing 'naphthenic' acids in process waters.

Water Research, 10.058, 2013

IF:  4,655



P. Zerzucha, M. Kazura, D. de Beer, E. Joubert, A.E. Schulze, T. Beelders, A. de Villiers, B. Walczak

A new concept for variance analysis of hyphenated chromatographic data avoiding signal warping.

Journal of Chromatography A, 1291, 64-72, 2013

IF: 4,612



I. Stanimirova

Practical approaches to principal component analysis for simultaneously dealing with missing and censored elements in chemical data.

Analytica Chimica Acta, 796, 27-37, 2013

IF: 4,387



B. Zawisza, R. Sitko

Electrochemically assisted sorption on oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes for preconcentration of Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn from water samples.

Analyst, 138, 2470-2476, 2013

IF: 4,230



V. Shapaval, B. Walczak, S. Gognies, T. Moretro, 
H. P. Suso, A. Wold Asli, A. Belarbie A. Kohler

FTIR spectroscopic characterization of differently cultivated food related yeasts.

Analyst, 138, 4129-4138, 2013

IF: 3,969



R. Musiol

Quinoline-based HIV integrase inhibitors.

Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2013, 19, 1835-1849

IF: 3,87



R. Sitko, E. Turek, B. Zawisza, E. Malicka, E. Talik, 
J. Heimann, A. Gagor, B. Feist, R. Wrzalik

Adsorption of divalent metal ions from aqueous solutions using graphene oxide.

Dalton Transactions, 42, 5682 – 5689, 2013

IF: 3,838



K. Kornobis, N. Kumar, P. Lodowski, M. Jaworska, P. Piecuch, J. J.  Lutz, B. M. Wong, P. M. Kozlowski

Electronic structure of the S1 state in methylcobalamin: Insight from CASSCF/MC-XQDPT2, EOM-CCSD, and TD-DFT calculations.

Journal of Computational Chemistry, 34, 987-1004, 2013

IF: 3,835



S. Hensel-Bielowka, J. R. Sangoro, Z. Wojnarowska, 
L. Hawelek, M. Paluch

The behavior and origin of the excess wing in DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide).

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,15, 9300, 2013

IF: 3.829                          



K. Pytlakowska, V. Kozik, M. Dabioch

Complex-forming organic ligands in cloud-point extraction of metal ions - a review.

Talanta, 110, 202-228 , 2013

IF: 3,794



I. Stanimirova, M. Kazura, D. de Beer, E. Joubert, A.E. Schulze, T. Beelders, A. de Villiers, B. Walczak

High-dimensional nested analysis of variance to assess the effect of production season, quality grade and steam pasteurization on the phenolic composition of fermented rooibos herbal tea.

Talanta, 115, 590-599, 2013

IF: 3,498



M. Urbala, S. Krompiec, M. Penkala, W. Danikiewicz

Solvent-free Ru-zatalysed isomerization of allyloxyalcohols: Methods for highly selective synthesis of 1-propenyloxyalcohols.

Applied Catalysis A: General, 451, 101-111, 2013

IF: 3,410



J.Wójcik, J.Peszke, A.Ratuszna, P.Kuś, R.Wrzalik

Theoretical investigation of porphyrin – based photosensitizers with enhaced NIR absorption.

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,15, 19651-19658, 2013

IF: 3,573



J. Orzel, M. Daszykowski, I. Grabowski, G. Zaleszczyk, 
M. Sznajder

Identifying the illegal removal from diesel oil of certain chemical markers that designate excise duty.

Fuel,117, 224-229, 2013

IF: 3,357



M. Dzida, S. Jężak, J. Sumara, M. Żarska, P. Góralski

High pressure physicochemical properties of biodiesel components used for spray characteristics in diesel injection systems.

Fuel, 111, 165-171, 2013

IF:  3,357



M. Chorążewski,  F. Dergal, T. Sawaya, I. Mokbel, J.-P. Grolier J-PE, J. Jose

Thermophysical properties of Normafluid (ISO 4113) over wide pressure and temperature ranges.

Fuel,105, 440-450, 2013

IF:  3,357



J. Polak, M. Bartoszek, I. Stanimirova

A study of the antioxidant properties of beers using electron paramagnetic resonance.

Food Chemistry, 141(3), 3042-3049, 2013

IF: 3,334



T.N. Tran, K. Drab, M. Daszykowski

Revised DBSCAN algorithm to cluster data with dense adjacent clusters.

Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems,120, 92-96, 2013

IF: 3,334






S. Krompiec, M. Penkala, K. Szczubiałka, E. Kowalska,

Transition metal compounds and complexes as catalysts in synthesis of acetals and orthoesters theoretical, mechanistics and practical aspects.

Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2012, 256, 2057-2095

IF 12,110


Z. Wojnarowska, M. Paluch, S. Hensel-Bielówka

Heterogeneous dynamics of prototypical ionic glass CKN monitored by physical aging.

Physical Review Letters, 2012, 110, 015702(5)

IF 7,370


P. Zerzucha, B. Walczak

Concept of (dis)similarity in data analysis

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 38, 116-128

IF 6,273


R. Sitko, B. Zawisza, E. Malicka

Modification of carbon nanotubes for preconcentration, separation and determination
of trace-metal ions

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 37, 22-31

IF 6,273


M. Kołaski, C.R. Arunkumar, Kwang S. Kim

Aromatic excimers: Ab initio and TD-DFT study

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2012, doi/10.1021/ct300350m

IF 5,215


R. Podeszwa, W. Cencek, K. Szalewicz

Efficient calculation of dispersion energies for nanoscale systems from coupled density respone functions

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2012, 8, 1963-1969

IF 5,215


J. Kołodziejczyk, A. Adamczyk-Woźniak, B. Hachuła, M. Barys, H.T. Flakus,
A. Sporzyński, A. Kroll

Intermolecular interaction in the solid state of ionic secondary Mannich bases. The substituent effect

Crystal Growth Design, 2012, 12, 589 - 598

IF 4,720




M. Musiał, S.A. Kucharski, R.J. Bartlett
Multireference Double Electron Attache Coupled Luster Metod with Full Inclusion of the Connected Triple Excitacions: MR-DA-CCSDT
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2011, 7, 3088-3096
IF 5,138

M. Kołaski, A.A. Zaharenko, S. Karthikeyan, K.S. Kim

Structures, Energetics and IR Spectra of Monohydrated Inorganic Acids: Ab initio and DFT Study
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2011, 7, 3447 - 3459
IF 5,138

K. Kronobis, N. Kumar, B.M. Wong, P. Lodowski, M. Jaworska, T. Andruniów, K. Ruud, P.M. Kozłowski

Role of the Axial Base in the Modulation of the Cob(I)alamin Electronic Properties: Insight from QM/MM, DFT and CASSCF Calculations
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2011, 7, 1541 - 1551
IF 5,138

I. Stanimirova, R. Tauler, B. Walczak
A comparsion of positive factorization and the weighted multivariate curve resolution method. Application to environmental data

Environmental Science & Technology, 2011, 45, 10102 - 10110
IF 4,825

R. Musioł, M. Serda, J. Polański
Prodrugs in photodynamic anticancer theraphy

Current Pharmaceutical Design 2011, 17, 3548 - 3559
IF 4,774




T. Kupka, M. Stachów, M. Nieradka, J. Kaminsky, T. Pluta
„Convergence of nuclear magnetic shieldings in the Kohn-Sham limit for several small molecules"

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2010, 6, 1580-1589
IF 4,804

R. Musioł, M. Serda, S. Hensel-Bielówka, J. Polański
„ Quinoline - based antifungals"

Current Medicinal Chemistry 2010, 17, 1960-1973
IF 4,708

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„ Automated alignment of one-dimensional chromatographic fingerprints"

Journal of Chromatography A 2010, 1217, 6127-6133
IF 4,101



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„Dispersionless density functional theory"
Physical Review Letters 2009, 103,263201-1-4
P.K. Suder, A. Bodzon-Kulakowska, P. Mak, A. Bierczyńska-Krzysik, M. Daszykowski, B. Walczak, G. Lubec, J.H. Kotlińska, J. Silberring
„The proteomic analysis of primary cortical astocyte cell culture after morphine administration"
Journal of Proteome Research 2009, 8, 4633-4640
IF= 5,684
Jarosław Polański
Receptor dependent multidimensional QSAR for modeling drug-receptor interactions"
Current Medicinal Chemistry 2009, 16, 2343-2357
IF= 4,823



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IF= 8,568
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B. Zawisza,
"Determination of beryllium by using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry",
Analytical Chemistry, 2008, 80, 1696-1701
IF= 5,287

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